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A new way of being in the inspection market

"Ensuring that transactions are done in full compliance with the specifications of our clients and the markets in which they operate". It is with this purpose, and in a peculiar moment when organizations both lack and prioritize services guided by dilligence and precision, that GlowCounting appears in the inspection sector.

It is based on a very unique modus operandi that GlowCounting presents its offer - based on two major axes established on the uncommon and challenging conjunctural setting that most companies face:

- Qualitatively and quantitatively precise inspections;

- An offer tailored to the needs of each organization.

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Services provided

GlowCounting develops and manages all types of quality assurance projects, carried out in any market - from projects involving occasional inspections to complex production and long-term projects. GlowCounting's offer covers all stages: from the raw material and product design stage to the final shipment of goods. The following are the general terms for the major modes of service provided by GlowCounting:

Production process inspection
Factory inspections help assess the supplier's performance and ability to comply with the legal conditions of the celebrated production contract, as well as the quality of service, packaging, capacity and other supply conditions. It can be performed before the company places an order with the supplier and during the production process.

Pre-shipment inspection:
This service aims at verifying if the company is effectively receiving the agreed products or services, and, if irregularities are detected, reporting all non-conformities. It can occur at any time after production is completed and at the supplier's, freight forwarder or shipment port facilities. These are some of the checks that can be performed:

  • Product appearance;
  • Workmanship;
  • Safety and functionality;
  • Quantity and quality;
  • Color, size, caliber and weight measurement;
  • Packaging;
  • Label and logo;
  • Accessories;

Shipping container inspection
This service aims at assessing what type and how much product should be loaded into the container and determining whether it is safe for shipping. It will take place after the completion of production at the exact time of loading, at the production unit or on the premises of the cargo agent. This inspection covers, among other things:

  • Individual quantity and quality check, ensuring maximum inspection effectiveness;
  • Loading list check;
  • VContainer conditions check.
  • Monitoring the goods packaging process.

After sealed by GlowCounting, the container is dispatched to the recipient where, after reaching "safe harbor", the inspection process is considered complete.

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The inspection commandments. Step by step
As a general rule, the normal inspection's scope encompasses different stages - from documentation review; visual product verification in terms of quality and quantity; analysis of the packaging; cargo marking and inspection - and it can turn into a commercial rather than proper technical approach.

It is common to confuse goods inspection with pre-shipment inspection. In fact, there are some actions in pre-shipment verification that are not included in the goods or commodities inspection, such as the cross-checking of prices with the customs authorities.

The wonderful world of inspections
Assuming an agreement has been achieved between your company and your stakeholders (be they seller or buyers), the stakeholder or any external and independent inspection entity can employ their own resources to inspect any goods. After this stage, and before the inspector starts any field work and the physical verification of goods, he/she must review the following procedures himself/herself:

  • FPro-forma invoice;
  • Purchase order;
  • Letter of Credit;
  • Specifications for products and goods subjected to inspection;