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About Us

Established in March 2012, GlowCounting is a Portuguese company specialized in quantity and quality goods inspections. In the ever-changing and increasingly challenging market that companies operate in - whether on a national or global scale - diligence and precision parameters are key elements of the recipe for success of all the economic agents involved.

GlowCounting is created in this context and aims at tackling this very issue. Its activity has as its core mission conducting quantity inspections, managing and controling goods merchandise and ensuring 100 percent compliance. This modus operandi characterizes and sets GlowCounting apart in the inspection market. It fills a visible gap in the category, and one that is being increasingly exhibited by many entities operating in different economic sectors.

In addition to its ongoing investment and the application of the the most advanced inspection methods and techniques, GlowCounting has a keen focus, equally distributed by the time and the costs associated with its business. GlowCounting conducts inspections tailored to the specific needs of the customer and adapted to the product under inspection. We work daily to give even more glow to the work of each of our clients, helping them excel in national and international markets.

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Mission and Vision

The work methodology established by GlowCounting since day one focuses on three main pillars: customers, inspection services and employees. It is around this "triangle", and in striking a perfect balance between the three vertices that it is made up of, that the mission and the vision of the company embody a clear and measurable value added service.

Our first and foremost concern is always the customer. The purpose of each task we perform, however tiny it may be, is to transform the vision of the companies with which we operate into visible results. Based on an inspection process that does not resort to sampling, GlowCounting not only establishes strong trust relationships with its customers but also helps them strengthen their ties with other stakeholders.

Simultaneously, because GlowCounting positions itself in the inpection market based on a logic of constant innovation, we seek to continuously invest in the enhancement of our skills and quality of our services. Last but not least are our employees - those who make up our own team and the ones who work for the companies we collaborate with - among whom we foster an environment of personal satisfaction and appreciation.

It is due to this sense of mission that the recognition of GlowCounting's excellence in the quality of the services provided grows with each passing day. By putting into practice all these principles, based on the uniqueness and effectiveness of our methods, we have already become the biggest player in the inspection market in which we operate.

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As a transparent structure in charge of managing and monitoring company wide activities, GlowCounting relies on seven principles which drive its market attitude in the inspection market, always with sights set on continuous and sustainable growth. These principles are:


We interpret the needs of our customers and adapt and place our solutions at the service of their goals. Our actions reflect our words – “a single resolute focus”.


We know that “doing more with less” is not enough to help companies be better. Being assertive is fundamental and our method shows why it is unbeatable.


We are founded on clear principles. Our presence and actions in the inspection market clearly reveals our performance, dynamism and intelligence.


We take pride in excelling the goals we set for ourselves, and every time with even more success. We concentrate in fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers in their target market, according to their specific mission.


Our solid inspection culture is constantly present from day one. And it will always continue to be. The stability of procedures that we uphold is the starting point from which we build lasting projects.


We advocate a clear rupture with the pre-established models of inspections. Our avant-garde attitude and actions are visible in the small gestures that pile up to make all the difference.


Both of thought and execution, in an economy in which the term "time" entails an underlying meaning of "money".

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Training is one of the pillars on which GlowCounting builds its foundations. That's why the staff of the company consist of a vast team of skilled inspectors with an exceptional expertise in this area. The company is currently undergoing the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management System certification process (NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard).

Additionally, GlowCounting holds HACCP certified inspectors, to ensure greater food safety and hygiene, which further helps boost the success of companies operating in this sector. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is the designation of a methodology based on preventive principles and concepts which use a systematic approach to identify and assess points or stages where hazards can be controlled and thereby ensure food safety.

Programs for food safety based on HACCP principles can be implemented in all phases of food production, from primary production to the direct provision of food to the consumer. This means that the entire food chain is controlled - from the farmer to the consumer's table.

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Top Management
Team Member
Olívia Santos
Chief-Executive Oficcer

Olívia Santos held the position of operations manager for DHL for over two decades. The experience she acquired at the service of this German multinational corporation provided the CEO of GlowCounting with an extensive knowledge in logistics and transport of goods.

Team Member
Liliana Pinto
Director of Coordination

Her first contact with the world of inspections occurred almost 20 years ago. In 1995 she joined RSM Portugal - part of the global RSM network - where she started having contact with the inspection, internal audits, tax and risk management consulting sectors.