Advantages and Benefits

At Glowcounting, we offer import and export inspection services with the guarantee of compliance of your products and merchandise with the technical specifications required by customers or suppliers. In an impartial manner, we provide detailed inspection reports, technical analyzes and photographic reports, ensuring that all requirements are met.

Our inspection services help prevent financial and legal conflicts arising from non-conformities, ensuring that your products meet expected quality and safety standards. Furthermore, our inspections cover checking quantity, quality, packaging and packaging, as well as document compliance and control of production and logistical processes.


A new way of being in the inspection market.

“Ensuring transactions in full compliance with the specifications of our clients and the market in which it operates”. It is with this purpose, and at a peculiar time when organizations lack and favor services that are guided by rigor and demand, that GlowCounting appears in the inspections segment.

It is based on a very unique modus operandi that GlowCounting presents an offer based on two main axes, which are based on the peculiar and challenging economic scenario for most companies. 

Government inspections – VOC;

– Qualitative and quantitatively rigorous inspection;

– Inspection tailored to the needs of each organization;

Standard Methodology for Glowcouting Inspections

Photo report

Quality and Quantity

Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Defects / Damages / Breakdowns

Requirements Customer Orders

Destination Country Requirements

Documentation Control

Information Assurance

Container Selection

Certificate of Issuance

Security and Functionality