Who we are

Founded in March 2012, Glowcounting is a Portuguese company specializes in carrying out quantity and quality inspections of goods. In a market that is constantly changing and increasingly demanding for most companies that operate in it - whether on a national or even global scale, the parameters of demand and rigor are unavoidable part of the recipe for success for all economic agents involved.

In this context, and with this purpose, that GlowCounting appears, whose core mission is to carry out inspections, management and control of the quantity of goods by sampling, 100 percent, or otherwise, according to the customer's needs.

In addition to continuous investment and the use of the most advanced methods and techniques applied in inspections, GlowCounting also prioritizes the time and cost associated with this activity. GlowCounting carries out inspections based on customer needs, adjusted to the inspected product. We act daily to give even more shine to the work of each of our clients, helping them to stand out in national and international markets.


Training is one of the pillars around which GlowCounting’s operations are based. That is why the company's staff is made up of a vast team of inspectors with advanced specialization in this area of ​​knowledge. The company is in the process of NP EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification.

Additionally, GlowCounting has inspectors certified in HACCP who guarantee greater hygiene and food safety and the respective success of companies operating in this field. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is the designation of a methodology based on preventive principles and concepts, aiming, through a systematic approach, to identify and evaluate points or stages where hazards can be controlled and, consequently, ensure the safety of foodstuffs.