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GlowCounting develops and manages all types of quality assurance projects, carried out in any market, from projects involving specific inspections to complex and long-term production projects. GlowCounting’s offer covers all stages: from raw materials and product design to final shipment of the goods.

Types of service provided by GlowCounting:

Inspection of the shipping container

This service aims to ensure what and how much should be loaded into the container, in addition to assessing whether it is safe for transport. It will occur after the completion of production, at the exact moment of loading, at the production unit or at the cargo agent's facilities. This inspection covers, among other aspects:

  • Individual verification of quantity and quality, ensuring total effectiveness of the inspection;

  • Checking the boarding list;

  • Checking the condition of the container;
  • Monitoring the merchandise packaging process;

  • Container sealing;

  • Photo report.

Inspection of the production process

Inspection of the production process evaluates the capacity and performance of suppliers, ensuring compliance with legal conditions and the quality of the service provided. Includes adequate packaging checks and confirmation that the quantity of products is as ordered, ensuring that the products meet the expected quality standards:

  • Suppliers evaluation;

  • Legal compliance;

  • Service quality;

  • Packaging Check;

  • Quantity Control.

Inspection of Documentary Control

Documentary control involves the management and verification of all documents necessary for the import and export of goods. This includes commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, shipping documentation and import/export licenses, among others the following:

  • Adequate Documentation;
  • Documentation for the Country of Destination/Origin;
  • Inspection Documentation.

Pre-shipment inspection

This service aims to check whether the company is actually receiving what it contracted for and, if irregularities are detected, communicate the non-conformities. It can occur from the moment production is completed and takes place at the supplier's factory, the freight forwarder or the shipping port. Among the checks that can be carried out are:

  • Documentary control;

  • Product appearance;

  • Security and functionality;

  • Quantity and quality;

  • Color, size, measurement and weight;

  • Packaging and packaging;
  • Label & logo;

  • Accessories;

Integrated Service

The integrated service involves complete control of the process from purchase order to final delivery. It includes managing all necessary procedures, controlling purchase orders and coordinating with logistics operators. It also supervises the customs clearance of goods and ensures efficient delivery to the end customer.

  • Purchase Order
  • Control
  • Necessary
  • Processing
  • Logistics Control

Logistics Solution

The logistics solution includes negotiating with shipping and airline companies to obtain the best rates and services, managing all the necessary procedures for shipping the goods. Evaluates and chooses the best transportation options to optimize costs and time, ensuring supply chain efficiency.

  • Transport Negotiation;
  • Shipping Procedures;
  • Transport Solutions.

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