Mission and values

Our values

As a responsible and transparent structure in the management and monitoring of business activity, GlowCounting is based on seven principles that guide its way of being in the specific inspection market, always with continuous and sustainable growth in mind.


We consistently exceed established goals, prioritizing meeting the needs and expectations of customers in their target market, aligned with their specific missions.


Our culture of inspections, from the beginning, endures and will serve as a solid foundation for building lasting projects, maintaining the stability of procedures that we value.


Thinking and executing. Especially in an economy where the terminology “time” takes on the implicit meaning of “money”.


Our performance in the inspection market reflects our clear principles, demonstrating performance, dynamism and intelligence.


Our assertive and effective approach goes beyond the concept of 'doing more with less', demonstrating its infallibility in driving business excellence. It is not enough to “do more with less” to improve each company.


Our assertive and effective approach goes beyond 'doing more with less', demonstrating its infallibility in improving companies. We act as we speak: “With one voice”.


We adopt an innovative and disruptive approach in relation to traditional inspection .models, demonstrating our avant-garde through gestures that have a significant impact

Quality policy

Glow Counting is based on several pillars such as integrity, transparency, confidentiality, protection of client interests and compliance with all regulations and laws.

Glowcounting and Sustainability

At Glowcounting, we take a holistic approach to minimizing the environmental, social and economic impact of our operations. We implement energy efficiency policies, using efficient lighting systems and making the most of natural light. Additionally, we are committed to investing in renewable energy sources. Sustainable water management is a priority, with the use of low-flow taps and flushes.

We choose suppliers that follow sustainable practices and purchase ecological products. To reduce the use of paper, we digitalized our processes and adopted communication and data storage technologies. We also encourage remote work to reduce carbon emissions and promote the use of electric vehicles. With these actions, we contribute to a greener and more responsible future.