Founded in March 2012, GlowCounting assumes itself as a Portuguese company specialized in carrying out product quantity and quality inspections. In a market that is constantly changing and increasingly demanding for most companies that operate in it – whether on a national or even global scale – the requirements and rigor parameters are an essential part of the recipe for the success of all financial economic agents.

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It is in this context, and for this purpose, that GlowCounting arises, whose nuclear mission is to carry out inspections, management and control of the quantity of goods by sampling, at 100 percent, or otherwise, according to the customer’s needs.

In addition to the continuous investment and the use of the most advanced methods and techniques applied in inspections, GlowCounting also privileges the time and cost associated with this activity. GlowCounting performs inspections in the image of customer needs, adjusted to the inspected product. We act daily to give even more shine to the work of each of our clients, helping them to stand out in national and international markets.


The work methodology established since the first day of activity by GlowCounting focuses on three main pillars: customers, inspection services and employees. It is around this “triangle”, and in the perfect symbiosis of the vertices that compose it, that the company’s mission and vision are embodied in a clear and measurable value-added service.

First, and always, are our customers. The purpose of each task that we perform, however small it may be, is to transform the vision of the companies with which we operate in visible results. Based on an inspection process using the sampling method or otherwise, GlowCounting not only establishes solid relationships of trust with its customers, but helps them to strengthen ties with other stakeholders.

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At the same time, and because it is based on a logic of constant innovation that GlowCounting is part of the inspection market, we seek to invest in the continuous improvement of skills and quality of services. Last but not least are the employees – those who make up our team and those of all the companies with which we operate – with whom we intend to create an environment of satisfaction and personal appreciation.

It is thanks to this sense of mission that, with each passing day, GlowCounting sees the excellence of the quality of service provided valued. Putting into practice all these principles, based on the uniqueness and effectiveness of our methods, we are already the major reference in quantity inspections in the markets in which we already operate.



As a responsible and transparent structure for managing and monitoring business activity, GlowCounting is based on seven principles that guide its way of being in the specific inspection market, always with a view to continuous and sustainable growth.

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Interpretamos as necessidades dos nossos clientes, ajustamos e colocamos os nossos instrumentos ao serviço dos seus propósitos. Agimos tal como falamos: “a uma só voz”.


Sabemos que não basta “fazer mais com menos” para ajudarmos as empresas a serem melhores. É fundamental ser-se “assertivo” e o nosso método mostra porque é tão infalível.


Apostamos em princípios claros. A nossa forma de estar e atuar no mercado das inspeções deixa transparecer a nossa performance, dinamismo e inteligência.


Logramos superar a meta à qual nos propomos. Sempre com mais êxito. Baseamos na capacidade de satisfazer as necessidades e expetativas dos nossos clientes, no seu mercado objetivo, de acordo com a sua missão específica.


A nossa sólida cultura de inspeções persiste desde o primeiro dia. E assim continuará. A estabilidade de procedimentos que tanto preservamos é a base para a construção de projetos duradouros.


Assumimos uma clara rutura com os modelos pré-estabelecidos de inspeção. A nossa forma de estar e agir avant-garde revela-se em pequenos gestos que fazem toda a diferença.


A pensar e a executar. Sobretudo numa economia onde a terminologia “tempo” assume o significado implícito de “dinheiro”.


Training is one of the pillars around which GlowCounting operates. That is why the company’s staff is composed of a vast team of inspectors with advanced expertise in this area of ​​knowledge. The company is in the process of certifying the Integrated Management System for Quality and Safety and Health at Work NP EN ISSO 9001: 2015.

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In addition, GlowCounting has HACCP certified inspectors who ensure greater food hygiene and safety and the success of companies operating in this field. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is the designation of a methodology based on preventive principles and concepts, intending, through a systematic approach, to identify and evaluate points or steps where hazards can be controlled and, consequently, to ensure the safety of foodstuffs.

Food safety programmes based on HACCP principles can be implemented at all stages related to food production, from primary production to direct supply of food to the consumer, i.e. throughout the food chain from the agricultural producer to the table.



At Glow Counting, the qualities of the services provided are based on a total dedication to continuous improvement and the fulfillment of all requirements, whether these are from customers or others. Glow Counting is based on several pillars such as integrity, transparency, confidentiality, protection of clients’ interests and compliance with all rules and laws.

The company’s quality policy is available and printed for consultation whenever necessary.


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